Oxycoin redesign


Creating the brand that matches our product, whilst expressing our core values; simple, transparent, innovative and secure.

Typescript rewrite - test net


Rewriting the core DPoS code and running extensive tests to ensure a smooth-running blockchain.

KYC Screening System


To be compliant with the policies of banks and regulators, we have to build a cutting edge KYC screening system.

Unique cold storage solution


Creation of a unique, patented, modular cold storage solution that will enable plug-and-play integration for financial institutions.

Client Dashboard


Our platform will be accessible through mobile app and pc. All of the features will be available in your online dashboard.

Typescript rewrite - main net


Update all nodes and successfully run Typescript for a more efficient and sustainable blockchain.

Creating newsroom


Sharing fundamental and technical analysis of the cryptocurrencies traded on our platform.

Advanced portfolio tracker


Custom alerts, BTC price converter, portfolio management tools, push notifications and more.

First release of our mobile app


We aim to release our mobile app as soon as possible, however we need to set a realistic deadline.

Innovation of DPoS consensus


Creating a more advanced voting system that will make the current DPoS consensus more efficient and tamper proof.

SDK development


Enables non-blockchain developers to utilize blockchain technology in their mobile applications.

Payment gateway expansion


Expanding our payment gateway facilities, allowing people from all over the world to purchase digital currencies.

Wondering what we’ve accomplished so far?

Have a look at our news library to see what progress we’ve made since the ICO.

News Library

The current roadmap might not include all tasks that we wish to complete in 2018. All changes and improvements that aren’t included in our roadmap will be shared on our social media outlets and will be included in our monthly newsletter.

The input we use to create our product differs every day. To make sure we don’t miss out on new opportunities, we tend to stay flexible. And for these reasons, there might be some tasks added to our current activities that will benefit and improve our final product.