It should be as simple to use digital currencies as it is to check your email or order products online. Oxycoin makes it easy to start buying, using, and trading.
Oxycoin is built with security as a top priority. Our patented cold storage solution offers security, continuity and accessibility. There’s no need to back up your private keys. Best of all we offer the ability to monitor transactions to comply with banks and regulators.
We are always looking for better ways to solve everyday problems. Oxycoin makes it easy for beginners to get started, and provides experienced traders with the tools and analysis to beat the market without being chained to a computer.
Constant, clear updates and a personal connection with the team, make us one of the most transparent blockchain companies in the world.
Oxycoin Mobile APP

Oxycoin Mobile App

Oxycoin will make digital currencies accessible for everyone. It will be easy to buy digital currencies using money from your bank account. It will also allow you to trade or send money to friends.

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Making digital currencies simple

Digital currencies are rapidly becoming a part of life for people around the world. Getting started though, is a huge pain. Our App will be an entry point for newcomers, and a dynamic tool for experts.

Want to introduce a friend to digital currencies? Want to explain to your parents what the fuss is all about? Oxycoin is obsessed with usability, clarity, and security.
For more expert traders, we offer advanced capabilities and cutting-edge analysis. Track your portfolio, ROI, and the latest news. Get alerts on price moves, and be able to react before the market. Fast and secure, and without the headache of clunky exchanges.
Stay connected, even when you’re away from your computer. Make trades, buy and sell, or send money to friends.
Oxycoin Mobile APP Oxycoin Mobile APP Oxycoin Mobile APP
Oxycoin whitepaper

White Paper

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Full White Paper

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