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Ronin App

The Ronin app will be the first built on the Oxycoin platform. Smart and powerful, yet welcoming to beginners

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Ronin Mobile App
Crypto for Everyone

Our vision is to offer a simple and yet secure way to join the world of cryptocurrencies.

Powered by OCEAN

The app is the first demonstration of the power of O.C.E.A.N.

Fueled by OXY

The OXY token is a store of value, and the rocket fuel for a growing number of solutions for consumers, banks, and big businesses.

Oxycoin Swap

The swap is now live!

Oxycoin’s in-house swap solution is now live. Do you own OXY and haven’t you swapped it for the new ERC-20 token? Head over to the swap solution.

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Compliant, Dynamic, Diverse

Oxycoin the Company

Regulated and Fully Compliant

To protect all of our clients and their assets, we're doing everything in our power to be compliant with existing and future regulations.

Dynamic Custom Solutions

Utilizing the adaptability of our platform, we are able to build custom solutions that fit almost every client's needs.

Seasoned, Stable Team

A diverse team with several years of experience in all required departments, enables us to adapt to any change in this fast-moving blockchain environment.

Our Company

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