Round Table

The Hague - Netherlands

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Round Table

Q1 2019
Oxycoin B.V.
Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33
2595 AM Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 702 051 707
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Blockchain technology is hot. Research indicates that many big companies, as well as the big consultancy organizations, are investigating everything around it. Blockchain really could be the next big thing!

Whether it will be, we want to find out with you. During the roundtable, we have an in-depth discussion about business needs and the possibilities of fulfilling those with blockchain integration.

  • What are the current possibilities?
  • What is the return on investment after implementing the blockchain?
  • Which blockchain would fit the needs of the company best?
  • Is blockchain technology mature and stable enough to build your business processes on it?

Many questions come to mind and in order to come to relevant answers, we are offering an open discussion. We bring a lot of knowledge and experience. But even we do not have all the answers. To prepare for a professional and successful implementation of blockchain we need to have a good overview of the capabilities.

We dare you!

Come and discuss the status of development of blockchain technology with us. Will you wait for the next generation or can’t you afford to wait any longer? We are ready. Ready to share. Ready to discuss. Click the button and apply now. We will send you a confirmation and are looking forward to seeing you!

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