The App

The Oxycoin mobile application puts the world of digital currencies at your fingertips. Unlike other solutions, you can use one mobile app to buy digital currencies with fiat money, and easily trade them for other currencies.

  Get started

Our initial launch will provide integration with the iDEAL system, allowing Dutch citizens to directly buy digital currencies with euros. This includes the big currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as smaller alt-coins.

  Start using Digital Currencies

Once you have coins in your wallet, you can buy, trade, and send them to trading platforms and people on your contacts list. You can track your investments, read breaking cryptocurrency news, and make big moves, all within the Oxycoin App.

Oxycoin App
The Backend

The Backend, creating possibilities

We chose to build a modular backend for our platform to ensure scalability and flexibility. Several of our modules can be deployed for other use cases such as secure cold storage for trading platforms, banks and trusts.
Our team consists of cyber security experts with years of experience in the banking and blockchain space. Everything we build meets the highest security requirements. Our cold storage module is unique in its kind and therefore patented.
We are cryptocurrency experts who are committed to making digital currencies accessible for everyone. Our brand stands for simplicity.
The Company

What we stand for

Oxycoin is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Our country is known for its legal system, highend cyber security and financial standards. We assure you that we store your personal data with the utmost care, following 'THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT'.

We are building an ecosystem of apps and solutions to make digital currencies easier, faster, and more useful. Get in touch or check our roadmap for details on what we are building.

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