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Inspired by the cryptocurrency market, the Oxycoin app will play a central role for traders, holders, and beginners.

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Oxycoin Mobile App

So you want to use crypto?

The Oxycoin app is simple enough for beginners, and powerful enough for seasoned traders. The Oxycoin app is one of the most secure ways in the world to use crypto in your daily life.

Buy cryptos with euros

Use your preferred payment method to buy your cryptos instantly and manage your holdings with ease.

Track your portfolio

Set alerts, see daily, monthly, and hourly gains. Analyze biggest wins and losses where ever you are.

Send money to a friend

Went out for pizza? Does your friend owe you 10 dollars? Easily use the Oxycoin address book to send and receive cryptocurrencies for free!
Oxycoin Mobile App Oxycoin Mobile App Oxycoin Mobile App Oxycoin Mobile App


Listing Framework

Oxycoin strives to offer a multitude of cryptocurrencies that can be traded for each other and for fiat currencies. But how do the users of our app know that the offered coins and tokens are legitimate?

Our team will do heavy due diligence and rate the following:



Listing Framework

Oxycoin strives to provide a simplified gateway that has the protection of its users in mind at all times. Therefor we have created a strict listing framework for the onboarding of coins and tokens. If a project wishes to be paired with fiat and other cryptocurrencies, the project must provide documentation that proves the legitimacy of the project.

Besides the documentation, our team will do heavy due diligence and rate the following:

  • ICO rating of several third parties
  • Team and its track record
  • Whitepaper
  • Roadmap
  • Website
  • Social footprint
  • Community
  • Establishment

This framework is the base structure and is set to be dynamic at all times. Regulation of the cryptocurrency market hasn’t settled yet, so we must be able to adapt to sudden change of law. The protection of our users and the alliance we strive to create by onboarding established projects, will benefit all parties that are involved in the use of our app. Together we hope to create the new standard for Cryptocurrencies that assures long term existence for all that are involved with the future of Oxycoin.


Powered by O.C.E.A.N.

Our vision is to offer a simple and yet secure way to join the world of cryptocurrencies.
The app is the first demonstration of the power of O.C.E.A.N.
The OXY token is a store of value, and the rocket fuel for a growing number of solutions for consumers, banks, and big businesses.


Building a Strong Foundation

The world of cryptocurrency is still largely unregulated, but it won’t always be that way. Oxycoin is leading the way by building our systems to easily comply with upcoming regulations.



Cryptocurrencies are challenging because they are anonymous and international. Therefore, we must guard against illicit use of our services.

Future Changes

Future Changes

We fully expect that new regulations will soon be put in place. We are already taking steps to protect our customers.



Oxycoin is based in the Netherlands, and our company is built for the long term. We have already anticipated future regulations.